Social Media

Probably due to generational factors, but also as part of my various entrepreneurial activities, I am active on various social media networks.

In order to keep things under control, I’m applying a strict Social Media Policy to ensure both my contacts and myself get the most out of our use of the applications and services

Using LinkedIn as a tool means ensuring the entire network benefits from collaboration, bi-directional support and information exchange. Developing the strength of my network (rather than its size) means that I am able to recommend each and every one of its members directly for work we have done together, or services that either of us have provided to each other. In order to support this, I am limiting LinkedIn connections to people with whom I have had direct professional interaction or with whom we are engaged in specific projects or exchanges. Remember, it all starts with a phone call!

Having embraced the platform’s inherent openness, I use Facebook by controlling the information published rather than managing the network. As such, I am accepting all connection requests from people I know, whether remotely or closely. Though not extremely active on the network, I use it as a communications platform, as an events organising tool, as a means to loosely track my network’s whereabouts and you will even see me sharing the occasional picture or article on topics i am sensitive to. I also use the platform for its incredibly powerful ‘pages’ features, managing the Social Communication for my various ventures including Magou Magic, Les Magiciens du Caveau or Excelius Consulting. I also manage a number of pages for third party entities or activities I am engaged in, such as Institut Amanecer or Le Dernier Jeudi, c’est Magie.





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