Excelius Consulting

It’s simply incredible everything you can do with Microsoft Excel. Automating your files, streamlining your processes, working with database architectures in the spreadsheets will save you time, and help you work better and faster, reducing human error and ensuring you get your data to work for you, instead of the opposite. It’s also amazing how quickly havoc can break into your data or time time you waste if you build them wrong and without proper though behind them.

Having achieved Microsoft Certification and being ‘The Excel Guy’ in a number of companies now, and impressed by how much can be done in terms of process optimisation and maturity in working with numbers and data, I’ve decided to bring my knowledge out there through ‘Excelius’, a consulting company entirely dedicated to improve the way you use your spreadsheets on a daily basis.

At Excelius Consulting, we are active on three domains: Optimise, Fix, Learn. Whether you are interested in improving your files and automating them, repairing a file that no longer works, or taking your teams and colleagues to the next level in their use of Microsoft Excel through a targeted training session, we are there for you.


Visit and explore the dedicated website, get in touch.


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